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teaching and learning support center

Programs for Teaching Staff and Researchers


*Oct 2 (Mon) Career Education-Toyonaka
*Oct 2 (Mon) Active Learning –Toyonaka
*Oct 4 (Wed) Tips of Teaching the Academic Writing for the First Year Students –Toyonaka
*Oct 19 (Thu) Small Group Learning-Toyonaka
*Oct 25 (Wed) The Overview of Creating edX-edge Course –Toyonaka
*Oct 26 (Thu) The Overview of Creating edX-edge Course –Suita
*Nov 2 (Thu) Peer Observation of Teaching Program –Toyonaka
*Nov 9 (Mon) Career Education-Suita
*Nov 13 (Mon) Active Learning –Suita
*Nov 22 (Wed) Preparation and Utilization of Lecture Materials-Toyonaka
*Nov 27 (Mon) Writing Syllabus-Suita
*Nov 29 (Wed) Lecture Capture System-Toyonaka
*Nov 30 (Thu) Writing Syllabus-Toyonaka
*Dec 6 (Wed) Lecture-Suita
*Dec 6 (Wed) Learning Assessment –Suita
*Dec 7 (Thu) Rubric Assessment –Toyonaka
*Dec 12 (Tue) Preparation and Utilization of Lecture Materials –Suita
*Dec 13 (Wed) Lecture–Toyonaka
*Dec 13 (Wed) Learning Assessment –Toyonaka
*Dec 14 (Thu) Rubric Assessment –Suita
*Dec 18 (Mon) The Communication Skills Training for Academics –Toyonaka
*Jan 16 (Tue) Lecture Capture System-Suita
*Jan 16 (Tue) Approach of university-industry activities-Toyonaka
*Jan 16 (Tue)Cooperation between interdisciplinary research trend and diverse actors -Toyonaka
*Feb 1 (Thu) Small Group Learning –Suita
*Every 4th Thu of the Month -iPad Café-Toyonaka

★Participation is limited to university faculty staff and administrative staff.  Osaka University’s TAs are available to join CLE seminar and Turnitin seminar.
★Please contact us at least two weeks in advance if special support is required for joining our seminars.
★Please note that the seminars and workshops are recorded as photos or videos by staff,
and we may use them for introducing our activities.
★Deadline: by 15: 00 one day before
If there is no application at least 3 days prior to the seminar, we will cancel the seminar.
Please apply for a seminar you would like to participate as soon as possible.
★Dead line for CLE seminar is set separately.

* The 13th Course Design Workshop-2 days (Feb.6-7)-Toyonaka

★Deadline:  by 17:00 two weeks before


Programs for undergraduate and graduate students

* Osaka University Future Faculty Program (For graduate school students)
* Transferable Skills Workshop

e-Learning contents (For teaching staff)

*Useful FD courses for class
*Useful presentation skills for class
*Practical FD program on-demand course
*Let's teach in English
*Campus-wide FD Forum Video
*For New Academic Staff
*Syllabus Developing Handbook (PDF)
*The Check List for Making Syllabus

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)



◆ For Teachers

*Automatic Class Recording System (Echo) 
*HALC(Handai Active Learning Classroom)
*Consulting Service

◆ For Students
*Automatic Class Recording System (Echo) 
*Course Guidance Video for New Students

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