【今年度は開催終了】2019年度 教育の国際化のためのFDワークショップ-学習者中心のアプローチを学ぶ- /FD Workshop for Globalization of Education: Towards a learner-centered approach

  • September 24 - September 27, 2019
  • 午前:毎日10:00-13:00 (4 days everyday)、午後:隔日14:00-17:00 (every other day)
  • 吹田 最先端医療イノベーションセンター3階 演習室3 / Room 3, Center of Medical Innovation and Translational Research 3F, Suita Campus


2回のマイクロティーチング(模擬授業)を通して、教え方を実践的に学びます。参加者は自身の担当科目について1人5分のマイクロティーチングを行い、講師やCo-instructor(これまでのワークショップ修了生)、および他の参加者からコメントやフィード バックをもらいます。マイクロティーチングは撮影され、各自撮影されたデータが渡されます。2回目のマイクロティーチングまでに、参加者はご自身のマイクロティーチングの映像を見て、改善点等を検討し、それを踏まえて準備を行います。なお、記録されたデータはご本人にのみお渡し、公開されることは一切ありません。ご安心してご参加頂けます。

The participants of the Workshop are divided into two groups and each group practices microteaching twice on alternate days as above.
During microteaching each participant gives a 5-minute lecture from his/her course, and receives comments and feedback from the instructor, co-instructor and other participants. The focus of microteaching is about their style of lecturing and presentation, not about the contents of the lecture. The microteaching is video-recorded, and each participant receives a copy of it (SD memory card) after the session. The participants are expected to watch the video of their first microteaching, find out the areas of improvement, and prepare for the second microteaching based on the feedback and comments. Please rest assured that video-recorded data is only for the person who does the microteaching and will never be open to the public.


  1. 学生の立場から教育を捉え、理論と実践を通してコースデザインの方法を身につける
    To learn the theory and practice of learner-centered approach in teaching
  2. 英語による授業を実施するための方法を身につける
    To improve teaching skills for academic staff who teach courses in English

対象者/Participation Criteria


  1. 教育の国際化に対応し、教育方法の改善、及びより良い教育の提供に感心を持つ教員
  2. 将来的に本学(各部局)において「教育の国際化」やFDに積極的に関わることが期待されており、各部局から推薦された教員


Osaka University faculty members or those who were specifically permitted

1. Participants willing to take part in globalization of education and FD.   ※If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, the participants will be decided by TLSC.
2. Participants expected to take active roles in globalization of education or FD activities at their faculty and recommended by their faculty.

※Both of ①② or those who fall under any



新任教員研修プログラム区分/Category of New Teacher Training Program

教育能力開発プログラム/Education capacity development program

参加費/Entry Fee

* 交流会の費用は実費をご負担いただきます。
※We will ask participants to pay the actual expenses for the networking events.


約20名/Approx. 20 people



Sponsored by: Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Teaching and Learning Support, Osaka University
In cooperation with: Center for International Education and Exchange, Osaka University and CAREN Project, Center for International Affairs, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


 午前/ Morning Session (everyday)

 午後(隔日参加)/ Afternoon Session (everyother day)

 Ⅰ. コースデザイン-Course design-


 9月24日(Tue)Course Content
 9月25日(Wed)Learning Outcomes
 9月26日(Thu)Assessment Methods
 9月27日(Fri)Instructional Strategies

 Ⅱ. マイクロティーチング-Microteaching-


 * A班又はB班のどちらかに参加
 *Join either group A or group B

*For example if you are in group A, you are required to attend both the morning session and the afternoon session on September 24 & 26, and only the morning session on September 25 & 27.

修了証/Award of Certificate

The participants who have participated fully in all the programs of workshop would receive "Certificate of Completion".

ご用意していただくもの/Please bring the following with you to the workshop


* 5-minute-long content in English from your course.
Any part is fine, but the overview might be easy for audience to understand.
*If necessary, you can use Power Point data, handouts, circulated materials in English, etc. and other English materials used in your course.
※ We will prepare PCs, projector, screen and white board in the room. Please feel free to ask us if you need something else.


17:00 PM, Friday, Aug 30 , 2019
※When the number of applications exceed the capacity, we will close the application.


全学教育推進機構 教育学習支援部
E-mail: tlsc<AT>celas.osaka-u.ac.jp

Dept. of Teaching and Learning Support, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kawaguchi(Ext. 5606), Oyama(Ext. 5659)
E-mail: tlsc<AT>celas.osaka-u.ac.jp


  • Ms. Susan Hampton (Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, The University of British Columbia)




Application Form


9月24日〜27日まで、The University of British ColumbiaのSusan Hampton先生をお迎えして英語版コースデザインワークショップが吹田キャンパスで開催されました。




    I was able to have a time to think deeply about teaching and learning. I learned a lot on the teaching methods that I didn’t know before.