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Outline of TLSC

Teaching and Learning Center was discontinued on the 31th of March, 2016, and reborn as the Department of Teaching and Learning, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences on the 1st of April, 2016.

【Purpose & Goal】

We achieve the campus-wide sophistication of independence oriented education by enhancing the function of teaching support, career development, and learning support under the organized environment of teaching and learning for fostering global human resources with critical thinking skills, designing capability, and transcultural communicability.


【Effort & Objective】

We plan the improvement of teaching methods relating curricula and classes and the support of students’ independence oriented learning in general education and special education, working closely with other departments in CELAS.  We also perform various support services.

We investigate the ideal way of teaching & learning support in campus wide education, based on the surveys and research of advanced educational programs and practices in Japan and overseas.


【Main Activities】

Development and support of teaching methods adapting the change from teaching to learning.

Utilizing the active learning function to realize students’ independence oriented learning.

Development and expansion of workshops for the reinforcement of TA function, and enhancement & substantializing of FD/SD.

Research and development towards campus-wide development of honor programs for ambitious excellent grades.

Development of educational programs including transferable skills and career support, and development and implementation of educational programs through industry-university collaboration.

Development of education through task discovery typed internship

For the purpose of supporting regular class learning, we develop materials for writing support and course guidance.

Development of the system of e-portfolio and learners community formation

Preparation of learning environment to promote independence oriented learning

Supporting the creation of materials, implementation support of Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) using these materials and campus classes , and the study & development on educational outcome.

Promotion of FD / SD activities in collaboration with external organizations

Planning and implementation of workshops and seminars aiming at improving learning skills

Supporting Science Shop activities.

・Management of the guidance room which corresponds to study consultation, career consultation and etc.

June 1, 2013  Teaching and Learning Support Center is established.


As part of the development of global human resources, we find independence oriented education must be combined with regular curriculum and extracurricular lessons, and we intend to expand this kind of educational development from a university-wide standpoint.


【Necessity and Importance】

The development of global human resources is necessary in our society.  In order to achieve these developmental goals, it is important to improve the quality of teaching and learning support environments by encouraging proactive learning, incorporating rich culture, and using field specific expertise.


【Content outline】

1. “Reinforcement of teaching support functions”

    • Development and support of teaching methodology which focuses on proactive learning
    • Development and implementation of learner-centered FD/SD workshops
    • Development of education and seminars utilizing TAs
    • Advancing research and development for university-wide deployment of honors  programs


2. “Reinforcing career development”

    • Development for general skills through programs such as the Transferable Skills Workshop and career support
    • Deployment of a science shop
    • Expanding the problem-discovering internship program by expansion and connection of expertise and social issues, and supporting learning in extracurricular classes. Utilizing a bottom-up approach to ensure these activities penetrate the entire educational curriculum, and strive toward higher education in Osaka University by enhancing both teaching support and career development.




【Expected Effect】

With improved teaching and career support and by providing new development functions in these areas, we can create synergy throughout the various cycles of learning.  Through these efforts, we expect great advancements in education.


Teaching and Learning Center was discontinued on the 31th of March, 2016, and reborn as the Department of Teaching and Learning, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences on the 1st of April, 2016.

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