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Department of Teaching and Learning Support, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Science


     Toshimitsu Masuzawa(Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)


Full-time Faculty

    Hiroki Iwai (Professor)
    Kazuya Yamaguchi (Professor) 
    Hiroaki Sato (Associate Professor)

    Akihiko Ieshima (Associate Professor)
    Makiko Oyama (Assistant Professor) 

Specially Appointed Faculty/Researchers

    Yu Urata (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)
    Chiharu Negishi (Specially Assistant Professor)
 * Chie Gondo (Specially Appointed Researcher)
    Miyuki Kawaguchi (Specially Appointed Researcher) 

 * MOOC Project 

Concurrent Faculty

    Haruo Takemura (Professor, Cybermedia Center)
    Yasuo Kanematsu (Professor, Office for University-Industry Collaboration)
    Toshihisa Nishimori (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Human Science)
    Yuki Uranishi  (Associate Professor, Cybermedia Center)

Administrative Office

     Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Science
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